Monday, December 17, 2012

There are no easy answers...

An excellent article by Ben Domenech:
We are in the midst of an historic and statistically impossible decline in violence in America. The economic downturn, which would be a reasonable reason for a rebound in violent crime, has produced nothing of the sort on a nationwide scale. The experts are flabbergasted as to why, and the assumptions of criminologists are being tested to a great degree.  High imprisonment, high tech tools, more disciplined police forces, and cultural factors are all potential reasons. But it is clear that even as guns are available as ever, this has done nothing to drive up crime rates nationwide. And beyond: Steven Pinker has argued, convincingly, that we are at the most peaceful point in human history.  In the midst of such declines, spikes of mass violence and murder are all the more jarring.
Read the whole thing.  H/T to Andy at AoSHQ

The media contribute to these attacks.
The attackers are all about getting attention.
Are mass murders like this becoming more common?    While rare the answer is yes, so while overall crime is dropping, these high profile events are becoming more common.
Good post by Ann Althouse: Are we sliding into "extreme individualism"?    

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  1. Add in the fact that the Democratic Party has been for decades practicing the age old policy of divide and conquer on a racial and ethnic basis, telling different groups that they should feel aggrieved and victimized by others, and the statistics are even more amazing. Maybe people of whatever kind would really just get along with each other, and prosper.


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