Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our sacred traditions are being eroded one by one...


  1. That's in my backyard, and believe you me, people ain't happy about it. It's beyond stupid.

    1. The idea that having a possum in a cage for a day, presumably feeding it, and then letting it go is cruel is behind belief. This is just PETA out of control, with a lame judge who bought their nonsense, and people should fight back against that. I assume judges are elected in North Carolina?

    2. Under this standard, zoos, circuses, and any animals kept in captivity would qualify as cruel. But of course, that is what PETA wants. That is PETA's long term goal.

      As it goes to beef...well they have a point. But pork, chicken and other meats are tasty and fine with me!

  2. Yes, judges are elected in NC. I definitely will be voting against this idiot next round.


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