Monday, December 24, 2012

Octopus in Tomato Sauce Christmas Eve

Slow simmered octopus in tomato sauce is delicious...

Make your favorite marinara sauce with a cleaned and sliced octopus.  You put the sauce and octopus on slow and cook it around an hour and a half on the stove.  Alternatively, it will probably take several hours on a slow cooker (because it will take time to get up to heat).  Slow cooking is the key to tender octopus.

Like squid, prepping the octopus by making sure all the ink is out of it is important (unless you want your sauce quite dark).  I add currants and golden raisins to the sauce, along with some chopped fennel bulb (and tops).  You use the sauce for pasta and then eat the octopus as the second course.

Here is an Anthony Bourdain found recipe (from Portugal) for simmering the octopus till tender, then grilling it. 
Mario Batali has a similar grilled version of octopus.
And here is Stanley Tucci doing octopus potato salad.
These would work too.  


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