Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Latke Season

Latke with smoked salmon, sour cream, chives and salmon caviar...
It is potato pancake season.  Take fresh tasty potatoes (german, russian, or finn/yukon gold yellow potatoes work well--but any potatoes will work) and only partially peel them and then grate them.  Drain out extra the moisture by pressing the gratings in a towel.  Grate in some onion or shallots (for flavor, but not too much because they add moisture, and that is the enemy of a crispy latke).  I then add egg (a ratio of one egg to two medium potatoes).  Lightly salt and pepper and season to taste (lightly so you can also season after they are done).  Also add a few teaspoons of flour, bread crumbs, or matzo meal to the mix (it helps bind with the egg and absorbs moisture).  Mold into pancake shape and fry them in hot peanut or grape seed oil (both have a high smoking point and are better for frying).  Fry till brown and crispy.  Serve while crispy and hot.   Traditionally served with sour cream or apple sauce (or both).

As noted in the Brooklyn Latke cook-off contest link above, you can vary your recipe greatly and latkes go with a variety of condiments and sides.  

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