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Saturday, December 15, 2012

It is not guns that are the primary motivator in these mass murders...

What do these individuals have in common?

Charles Manson
Adam Lanza
Anders Breivik

Beyond their criminal madness*.  They want attention.  And we certainly give it to them.  So if we ask ourselves why these events keep happening we might want to consider what is motivating these events.

*They are almost certainly not criminally insane.  That is a standard when a person is so delusional they cannot tell right from wrong.  These three (certainly Manson and Breivik) knew right from wrong and purposely choose wrong.  That is also known as evil.

Excellent post by Rio Norte Line.
The Anchoress notes:  Was this attack the latent effect of past bullying?  Hence the anger at the school (elementary schools rarely have reunions).
I am not a psychiatrist but this seems to fit the bill:
narcissistic personality disorder
a personality disorder marked by a grandiose sense of self-importance. Patients are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. In spite of these fantasies, they are troubled by a sense of inadequacy and respond to criticism, defeat, or rejection either by indifference or by feelings of rage, shame, humiliation, or emptiness. Their relationships with others are disturbed by expectations of special favors, exploitativeness, overidealization and devaluation of others, and a lack of empathy.
The Other McCain on he was quiet and kept to himself...
The Clackamas Mall Shooter was confronted by a conceal carry permit holder and that is why the death toll was limited.
Morgan Freeman did not make this statement, but frankly it makes so much sense he should have claimed it.  It is the sensational media that spurs these attacks, not the access to guns.
Violent crime is much higher in countries with strict gun control (imagine that?)
Obama promises to use all his powers to change the Second Amendment

If you do something heinous you might even get a song about you...


  1. The three of them have no morals. We have now turned into a society which seems to celebrate those ideals.

    1. That too. Of course there have been those in the past with twisted morals that have done terrible things.

  2. You fucking moron: That's not Adam, but his brother. Go eat a dick, asshole.

    1. I fixed it. Why don't you identify yourself "Anonymous" so we can make sure you are emotionally stable enough not to be a risk to the public.

    2. I guess you cannot make your point in normal language. Oh wait . . . that IS your normal language.

    3. You revealed your "normal language" at your 1:45 PM post.

    4. actually, even though this article was a long time ago, i will still clear it up that, that is adam.. at first they got it mixed up, but its actually adam.. its obvious if you compare the photos that it's adam... so yeah.

  3. Delete the anonymous trolls, EBL. They are not worth your time and they do not want anything other than to tear you down. I delete these a**holes in seconds flat.

    1. Thanks. Good advice, and generally I do so, but I wanted to leave that one up because it was self revealing.


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