Sunday, November 11, 2012

What happens to loser GOP political consultants?

Hypotonic glabrous man-child Steve Schmidt
When they are exceptionally bad like Steve Schmidt or Back stabbing distempered stoat Nicole Wallace they get gigs on MSNBC or other GOP hostile sites.  Nicole Wallace is going to advise the GOP on courting women after she intentionally destroyed Sarah Palin? Are Republicans really going to take their advice?  Otherwise these losers pretend nothing is wrong after they sabotage a candidate and then go work for the next GOP sucker.

Now there is hope.  Remember when the Democrats kept hiring Bob Schrum (every campaign he worked on lost)? Eventually the Democrats learned and stopped hiring Bob Schrum.  Republican candidates need to start doing the same.

The Architect


  1. Our San Diego GOP Chair has a good idea and follow through:

    Any consultant who screws with the SDGOP (or works for someone who quits the Party) cannot work in San Diego for the GOP. Full stop.

    This should be done as a national level thing.


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