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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They have a point...

The Republicans have some serious demographic issues that are not going to get sorted out till they figure how to win more Black and Latino voters.  It is time to go for expanded legal immigration with a path to assimilation.  And if the unions members in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio don't like it, too bad for them.

BenK at AoSHQ said this
Regardless, we're going to have to find a way to cobble together coalitions to win elections in the future. The Democrats are the party of free stuff. We can't really compete with that. I'll leave this to better minds, but I can tell you that you probably won't like where we'll have to go to win votes. Think amnesty.
He is partially right, but not on amnesty.  The status quo of illegal immigration killed us.  Amnesty of that just makes the problem continue.  The solution is expanded legal immigration, with a path to assimilation and citizenship.  A focus more on skills and benefits you bring, rather than refuge status.  A guest worker program for Mexicans who do not want to immigrate but who want to do roofing, landscaping, and agricultural work.  And fuck the unions.

Ed Morrissey sees the Senate falling over itself for immigration reform.  Let's hope they do not screw it up too badly.  I do not have a lot of hope for that.

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