Friday, November 30, 2012

Led Zeppelin: The Earls Court


  1. EBL: If you like LZ and big stadiums, you might like this clip: link. I skipped it ahead because I deplore gratuitous potty-mouth.

  2. There is a real tell at the 3min 36 sec mark when Jimmy Page cues Dave Grohl who plays the Bonham role. Page and Bonham were the "core" of LZ meaning that they fed and led; JP Jones followed their lead, imperceptibly lagging them. The same was/is true for Charlie Watts and Keith Richards. When Bonham died, more than 1/4 but less than 1/2 of LZ died. That's why they couldn't carry on. If you watch any old LZ video, but especially "The Ocean" you will see this tightness.


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