Friday, November 9, 2012

Director David Petraeus out at CIA Update: Paula Broadwell in Rule 5

General Petraeus with his wife:  resigning over an affair...

Update:  And yes, Obama knew all about it and kept him in place for months to avoid any reelection issues...
Advise to spouses:  Cheating usually ends badly...

Belmont Club:  Feet of Clay
While I generally liked General Petraeus, never let a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste...

So here is Paula Broadwell, author of David Petraeus' biography aptly named All In, given she is also allegedly his mistress:

If only the FBI were as efficient in investigating what happened in Benghazi than in investigating who David Petraeus was "all in" with.


Update:  Bonus Rule 5, Jill Kelley, the woman who got the emails from Broadwell which prompted the FBI investigation...

On the passing of Henry Coleman of the Love Boat, we are finding out his legacy continues in Afghanistan.

ABC punked with photoshopped image:


  1. The lady doth have her charms, doesn't she?

    1. I can see how he got hooked, but for a guy who is all about duty and honor he really compromised himself. And apparently it was Obama who manipulated him till the election was over and then tossed him.

  2. Yeah,she's pretty good looking woman,and he is a man in a position of power,AND she was working closely with him as his biographer,and the nights are long.....BUT there is no way I'm ever going to believe the timing of this revelation.

    This looks like a coverup of the Benghazi murders,and further,it looks like the General is being sacrificed by the Administration,to save THEIR butts.

    Maybe,just maybe,that isn't the case,but it sure as hell looks to be the case.

  3. Yep
    Patreaus got eaten by the baddest lion in the garden.
    His own boss.


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