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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Democrat Senator Menendez is accused of cheating with prostitutes at a donor's estate in the Dominican Republic...

Via the Daily Caller.  Bob Menendez who is the Democrat U.S. Senator from New Jersey is accused of failing to pay prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.  These (alleged) trysts happened at an estate owned by one of Menendez' supporters.

Menendez is a divorced man.  That he has sex with prostitutes, while not exactly good for one's political career, is not (in itself) the primary issue.  It is the blatant hypocrisy of Menendez refusing to pay these women.  More importantly is the issue of a U.S. Senator putting himself in a position where he could be compromised.  
Given what utter crap we have been dealt by Democrats over this "war on women," yes, the hypocrisy of this is a legitimate issue to go after Bob Menendez over.  Issues like the economy, national security, and disaster relief are more important than this story, but that does not mean this story should be ignored.

And let's not forget turning around the economy will require control of the Senate out of the hands of Harry Reid.   Will New Jersey do the right thing and kick Menendez out?  Who knows?

New Jersey occasionally elects reformers, but it (unfortunately) often elects corrupt individuals. Unfortunately former Democrat U.S. Senator Jon Corzine is still walking as a free man since Obama and Holder will not prosecute him, despite Corzine violating regulations and losing over a billion dollars of investor funds.

 Joe Kyrillos seems like a good man.  Menendez has been polling almost 20% over Kyrillos.  Maybe New Jersey can do the right thing this time around.

Update:  Hey, today is the Day of the Dead!

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