Sunday, November 18, 2012

Convicted Pedophile Robert Hill named as suspect in 1970 murder of a nine year old Milwaukee, Wisconsin girl

While Justice delayed is justice denied, better late than never...
From The Other McCain:  In 1970, 9-year-old Donna Willing was kidnapped, raped and strangled in Milwaukee. The investigation of her murder failed to solve the crime, but in 2007, Donna’s younger sister persuaded detectives to re-open the case. The cold-case investigation soon identified a suspect: Convicted sex offender Robert Hill, who had lived next door to Donna’s family at the time of the murder. Hill was serving a prison sentence for his sexual assaults on four children between 1995 and 2002. Hill made two separate confessions...
Chances of a death penalty conviction are probably remote (although justified) but if Hill does finally admit to the murder it does provide some closure to the family.  The only reason a prosecution is going forward is due to Virginia Davis, the victim's sister, pushing the police to reopen the case.  The most important thing now is making sure Hill does not re-offend.  Death will come soon enough to Hill and any true justice will happen then.   

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