Thursday, October 25, 2012

There seem to be a rash of Democrats swearing all of a sudden...

Here is Democrat Party supporter and contributor JZ Knight, new age guru to Shirley MacLaine and voice for the 35,000 year old warrior spirit Ramtha, going off on a swear fueled rant about Republicans and Catholics...(warning language NSFW or children)

The Democrat Party and Candidates are good with keeping JZ Knight's contributions.

Angry and Bitter
And here is President Barack Obama, calling Mitt Romney a "bullshitter" in a Rolling Stone interview.  How presidential of Mr. Obama.  I do not want to be a prude over some salty language, but I remember when a President wouldn't speak this way in public.  So which candidate is the cool one and which is the one who is losing his temper?  Major politicians wanted to rise above this (Ronald Reagan would not even go in the Oval Office without wearing a jacket out of respect for the office).  But hey, it guess it is not a Big F'n Deal as Joe Biden would say...

First time voting the same as losing one's virginity?  At least if you are voting for Obama, apparently.  Stay classy Democrats.

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