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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So which candidate had the bad night in Long Island?

So who won the debate last night?  

CBS Post Presidential Debate#2 Poll: 

65-34 Romney wins on Economy.

CNN Post Presidential Debate#2 Poll: 

54-40 Romney wins on Economy,
Romney wins on Health Care,
Romney wins on Taxes,
Romney wins on Deficit,
Romney wins on Leadership.  

And let's not forget the Luntz and MSNBC focus groups.  

And if Barack Obama and Candy Crowley want to try to mold this into a unicorn, go ahead.  

Roxanne De Luca is also right on this (I can't recall her being wrong in the past...).  

h/t:  Ace of Spades HQ


  1. None of these are being much acknowledged by the media. On November 6, they may be truly surprised, given the degree to which they're painting themselves a palatable picture.


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