Friday, October 19, 2012

Rule 5 losers: Why the Yankees got swept...

Normally you don't think Rule 5 and losers.  But in this case it is appropriate. I am not a Yankee fan, but this is disgraceful. Derek Jeter likes the ladies too, but when the Yankees are in the play offs you know Jeter (if he is in the game) would be giving his all.  Fans are not happy.  A-Rod has his own priorities and I cannot believe the Yankees would want to keep him after this:
A-Rod was trying to pick up Australian Model Kyna Treacy on the left during Game 1 with the Tigers...
Yankees sent home in embarrassing fashion.

Kyna Treacy

More Kyna Treacy:  A-Rod, This was the wrong strike zone to be focused on in a pennant series!

She is kinda skanky, which sort of explains why A-Rod likes her.  

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