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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dr. EBL says you must take this ℞ during the debate tonight...

The Harpoon*

1½ oz vodka
½ oz orange liqueur
¼ oz lime juice
Dash of cranberry juice
Slice of lime

Add dash of cranberry juice. Pour liquors and lime juice into mixing glass. Shake briskly and pour into martini glass. Add slice of lime to garnish.

* You also can go with my prescription last time (which seemed to work well).  Inspired by the Adult Beverage Blogmaster!  

And given the Candy Crowley Factor tonight, you have to agree drinking is warranted!

And given the debate venue location I have to give another alternative:

The Long Island Iced Tea
The Drinking Words Tonight are 47%, Hillary, and Libya!  
And Barack Obama did get a coveted endorsement last night!  The race is now over.  
And then there is this guy:  
No more Harpoons for this guy!  


  1. Bookmarked the Harpoon for future reference. We're trying not to drink during the week.

  2. Far superior to Barry's kool aid...

    1. And hopefully Barry gets the harpoon (rhetorically of course), although Candy Crowley has a certain cetacean quality.

  3. Thank you, Evi, for not calling the first drink a Martini.

    A Martini involves gin and vermouth and a vegetable [eg: olives or tomolives or lemon twist].

    Substitute vodka for the gin and what you have in NO LONGER a Martini, but, rather, the Kangeroo Cocktail [some call it a Vesper, but that is a cocktail with gin and vodka, mixed with, instead of vermouth, Lillet (an aperitif wine)].

    1. I had two harpoons when I returned after the debate. They went down well, although I admit I prefer the vodka drink with olives. I like juniper berries in a winter stew, I do not care for them in my alcohol.


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