Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alexrod gives a qualified wager to shave off his mustache...

Axelrod says he will shave that hairy thing off his face...
Even if it reminds him  of his heroes Stalin and Trotsky!
Note Axelrod did not say he would do it if Barack Obama lost the general election!   Axelrod will shave off that lip rat of his only if Obama loses Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania.  Joe Scarborough agreed he would grow a mustache if Obama wins North Carolina or Florida.  If Team Obama is so confident on Ohio and the General Election, why would Alexrod leave Ohio and the general election out of his wager?  I though the latest polls were soooo strong for Team Obama.  

Of course Politico has to add this editorial comment: "Polls indicate Axelrod’s upper lip might be safer than Scarborough’s."  Really Politico, who do you think you guys are, Nate Silver?  Go back to camp following...

American Mustache Institute upset with Axelrod:  "Incredibly irresponsible..." (well it is Axelrod).
Make the image on the right happen...


  1. That's qualified all right.

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe take transplants from both to plug that chrome dome he is developing. He should ask Biden about that.


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