Monday, September 17, 2012

This article was troubling...

because I do not believe it to be just a hatchet job (even though it is from Politico).  Many people want Mitt Romney to explain why he should get their vote.  It is important he take this seriously.

Now I know that Romney will be a better president than Obama.  Not that I think Romney is so great (whether Romney proves to be a great leader or not remains to be seen), but because I recognize how much damage is being done by the Obama Administration.  And while running a successful campaign matters, it is not alone indicative of success.  We have seen that with Obama.

DaTechGuy has been arguing Romney is doing far better than what the polls show (here is his latest).  No doubt polls have been manipulated and the mainstream media is blatantly for Obama.  But people still want Romney to persuade them and ask them for their vote.

Just a warning:  Obama has a way of getting people to vote for him...

Rush discussed this today and made the point this is just an attempt to dishearten conservatives and mask the profound confusion of The Obama Administration, Democrats and liberals in dealing with all that is going on right now.  Rush also explained why certain people seem to support candidates that are against their own economic self interests.  I agree with all of that.  


  1. I'll give Romney the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer as I think the polling is completely unreliable and the leftist are just trying to get a response from Romney to deflect from the Obama fubar. I think the 2012 voting pattern will be as lopsided as the 2010.

  2. My working theory is that people who claim they "still want Romney to persuade them and ask them for their vote" are really looking for excuses to not vote for Romney. (Example: pro-abortion Catholics. There are other such voting blocs.) Any gaffe or specific policy proposal to wound the government teat they or anybody they pretend to sympathize with will give those bitter Obama clingers the excuse they're hungry for.

    1. Well at least for me, your theory is wrong. I want Romney to win, (primarily) because I especially want Barack Obama out of office. All I am saying is this story of infighting in his campaign does not seem like a complete fabrication.

    2. thats the problem man. to you, this election is about BO. romney is just someone filling the blank. can you see why the american people would be unimpressed by a nameless someone filling in a blank?

      secondly, and this is the hardest message for me to deliver to you: take it easy on the MSM conspiracy theories. talking heads lash out at the mass media in order to cut you off from the rest of the world. in order to cut you off from the rest of the world.

      here's my perspective of what has happened. you don't have to believe anything i say, but hear me out:

      for the last 4 years, the conservative sphere has been attacking a caricature of the president. not the real president, a caricature of him. if you're in this conservative world, the president is a hideous person. so *of course* he's not going to be re-elected. who would re-elect a destructive president?

      the problem is that it's always just been a caricature, and that caricature *only exists* in the conservative sphere. why do polls show obama leading romney all over the map even though obama is a hideous person? because most people prefer obama. the conservative caricature of the president just does not translate to most americans.

      in other words, conservatives led themselves to believe this election was going to be much easier than it actually is.

      here's something interesting for you to think about. you know about romney's "47%" comments, right? do those "corrected" polls you mention reflect what you would expect to happen because of them? look at the "biased" polls in the MSM. do those polls reflect what you would expect to happen?

      we're still many days away so don't get discouraged. and you should definitely vote either way. but really, it isn't the MSM you should be worried about :)

  3. I agree that much of the vote for romney now is coming as much from disgust with obama as support for romney, and romney needs to do more to change that. I also agree that many polls are skewed dem, not necessarily because they are purposefully lying, but because they are using an outdated 2008 turnout model, which misses the huge repub comeback surge in 2010. Pay attention to the rasmussen polls. They are much more careful about updating their turnout model, and have been more accurate than other polls in the past, both in predicting the bush margin in 2004, and the obama margin in 2008, and currently show romney with a very slim national lead, but narrowly trailing in some key swing states. The Rasmussen poll also accurately captured the romney surge after he picked ryan, the obama post convention surge, and the retreat from that obama convention surge back to a close race.


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