Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Obama Administration lied about Libya and now wants to blame CNN for Obama's failure to protect Ambassador Stevens

Two days ago Hillary Clinton said there was no sign Ambassador Stevens was a target.  Well that is not true, Ambassador Steven's own journal (which CNN found in the wreckage of the consulate building) shows that.  And now the White House/State Department is attacking CNN for noting Ambassador Steven's journal showed he feared for his safety. Talk about shooting first and aiming later.  The White House brazenly lied for a week about this and (with the exception of Fox and CNN) the mainstream media is mostly ignoring that.  What is the White House trying to cover up?

The question is: Why could CNN find the journal before the State Department and White House?  Couldn't they secure the site after the attack?  And it is not like CNN is releasing anything personal, other than he feared for his safety which is obviously an issue of public concern.  The White House is upset is is caught in another lie.  The White House and State Department did not care about Ambassador Steven's safety and the other American personnel before the attack and they certainly do not care about him now--they only care about themselves and how this plays politically.    

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  1. I saw this this AM. When asked about the lies and misinformation distributed by the administration and their surrogates about the ME attacks, there was a lot of hemming and hawing, but on the question of Mitt Romney's taxes, it's "What's this guy trying to hide???"

    It's good to see Fibbs still has his priorities intact!


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