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Monday, September 10, 2012

Separated at Birth: Elizabeth Warren and...?

Someone has to get these two kids together (unless it turns out they really are fraternal twins)!  Then again, they are Leftist Democrats.  What is a little sibling incest among consenting adults?  Separated at Birth liars, plagiarists, and posers...

Elizabeth "Pseudojawea" Warren
Ward Churchill, Chief of the Fulabaloni


  1. The "high cheekbones" are telling. I liked Steyn's contribution: "Fauxcahontas". (Mine was "Pocadishonest".)

    1. Smitty came up with Pseudojawea. I think Iowahawk had "She Will Sioux." Liawatha works well. Dances Around the Truth. Hunts at Whole Foods.


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