Thursday, September 6, 2012

President Barack Obama gives his nomination speech mentioning hope a lot...



  1. One of my friends asked me if I told Obama he could “keep the change” when I replied to the Obama begging-for-bucks email this evening that I would give him the $5 if he would carry my bags in for me.


    They even took a weather observation inside the Clown Convention Circus Tent:

    “Thick fog, especially in the minds of the delegates and speakers…they LIVE in a fog. Relative Stupidity, 99.99%”

  2. I was just telling my husband how funny and witty our side is on the blogs that I read. It's really entertaining. Then when I get on Twitchy and read the other side, I simply cannot believe the hatred that spews from their mouths. They are just vicious; nothing to laugh at.

    1. If they ever had a sense of humor, they've definitely lost it.

      As to who fed Obama the line: no one - it was the community organizers who advocated for these kind of mortgages [and shouted 'raaaaacism!' when anyone dared oppose them].


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