Sunday, September 30, 2012

Joe Scarborough has a little list...

 MSNBC suggested that a crowd of supporters were dissing Mitt Romney and chanting Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.  In reality they were chanting for Romney and Romney tried to get the crowd to join in for Ryan.  A basic non controversy transformed editorially (in bad faith) by MSNBC in an attempt to damage Romney.  Joe Scarborough jumped right in to mock Romney for something that never happened (playing along for his MSNBC masters).

When called out on it, Scarborough said he is keeping a little list of those who are calling him on this.  
Well here is Joe Scarborough discussing his little list...

Paraphrasing from the video clip above:  Morning Joe has a little list, he's as funny as a cyst... he never will be missed...and it's about time he kissed my fist.

Or is Morning Joe a victim of Stockholm Syndrome?

Update:  Working for MSNBC has gone to Scarborough's head.

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  1. the list opera clip was very cute!!

    Comrade Joe just does his duty but he's good to start his list... yet his presence at propaganda headquarters would barely be missed


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