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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hmmm, this was a bad week for Mitt Romney?

A couple of more weeks of this and Romney might run away with it...

Swing States 47% Romney, 46% Obama.
Presidential Tracking:  47% Romney, 45% Obama.

What is driving this?  Part of this Obama's Arab Spring being perceived as a failure.  Part of it is freedom of speech.  72% of Americans (across all demographics) say defending freedom of speech is more important than giving offense to other peoples or cultures.

Those polls that show Obama drawing way ahead you ask?  DaTechGuy looks at the splits and finds that there is something seriously wrong with their methodology.  
Romney pulling ahead in New Hampshire?  Oh my.
Romney pulling ahead in Colorado?  Oh my.
Rasmussen's Presidential Tracking on September 19:  47% Romney, 46% Obama.
AP poll only shows Obama up by one.  Discussion by Ed Morrissey on the polling data.


  1. http://unskewedpolls.com paints an even rosier picture for Mitt Romney. The Democrats want to get that old herd instinct going and build momentum through "bought and bullied polls" that the mainstream media is enthusiastic about releasing to the public.

  2. 1. That poll says Obama is 47 and Romney is 46.

    2. Its theonly mainstream poll out there right now that doesnt have Romney trailing by at least 4 points.

    3. It was taken before Romneys latest gaffe.

    Better hope you guys have better luck preventing as many brown and black people from voting as you can, because even party insiders like Peggy Noonan admit that speech (calling 47% of the public/the very people suffering most lazy victims) was a huge setback.

    Palin part 2.

    1. I know you are a liberal, but let me walk you through it.

      The first poll is Gallup and yes it shows 47 for Obama and 46 for Romney.

      The second poll is Rasmussen and it shows 47 for Romney and 46 for Obama.

      What Romney said was not a gaffe. You want to make it a gaffe to change the topic from the middle east. You remember that, that was the issue that was going to end Romney's campaign last week? The debate is now framed to Obama's redistribution argument vs. Romney's economic position. By all means, let's have that debate.


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