Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Great way to start off a political convention: Democrat leader trashes the host city and then beats up a chair?

The whole idea of having the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte was because North Carolina was a swing state.  But because North Carolina is not deemed union friendly, AFSCME Union leader, Lee Saunders decides to trash the host city, before beating up a chair he pretended was Clint Eastwood.  

For such an ineffective speech as the media keeps telling us, the Democrat reactions to it seem a wee bit over the top!  
Democrat Saunders addresses the chair as Clint Eastwood
and then goes on to kick and throw the chair...
Do they really think this sort of thing helps elect Barack Obama and other Democrats?  Then again, Democrats have been doing some pretty stupid things lately.   Their whole strategy to beat Mitt Romney is focusing on the war on women?    Democrats are just in the circle of grief right now.    After initial denial following the Clint Eastwood speech, Democrats are just manifesting the classic ways people deal with bad news.   Saunders is showing some delayed anger.  Other Democrats, like James Lipton went straight to depression (he was angry too but too beta to show it).  And a few got really depressed!  Trying to score Betty White to speak at the DNC are signs of bargaining.  DaTechGuy is spot on when he says "They are demoralized as hell."  Some on the left are getting they are in real trouble...  

But credit where credit is due, Barack Obama did show signs of early acceptance.  

Update:  The National Debt Just hit 16 TRILLION dollars.  Happy Days Are Here Again!  

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