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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's supporters are abandoning her: She has a real problem doing legal work in Massachusetts without a Massachusetts bar license...

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen acknowledges that Elizabeth Warren may have a serious problem...
Elizabeth Warren was charging $675 an hour to help insurance companies get cases dismissed against injured union workers exposed to asbestos.  If Scott Brown did anything similar he would be vilified by the Democrats in Massachusetts.  Yet it is okay for Elizabeth Warren to have done this?

But it is worse than that as Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has been pointing out.  Elizabeth Warren should have been licensed in Massachusetts to do this work.  There is a very good chance that Elizabeth Warren was inactive in Texas and New Jersey (the only two states she is licensed in) when she did this work.  There are real issues here that Elizabeth Warren is refusing to answer.

Elizabeth Warren's campaign site still (at least as of now) has nothing on these allegations.  Elizabeth Warren did suspend her New Jersey attorney license on September 11, 2012.  Suspension means if she wants it back she has to take the bar again, this is not the same as going inactive.  Why would she do that unless she thought that people were coming after her on this issue?  


  1. What a complete fraud this woman is.

    If she wins, Massachusetts deserves here. After all, they kept re-electing Ted Kennedy.

    Why isn't Harvard investigating her claiming to be an Indian all these years? I guess they're waiting until after the election.

    Shame on them both.

  2. Did she really go to law school?


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