Saturday, August 11, 2012

While we wait for Mitt's vice president pick later this morning: Mark Steyn warns us all to wake up!

Mark is pretty critical of Mitt Romney's languor, and rightly so.  There does not seem much of a sense of urgency.  I am not suggesting Mitt Romney be in a panic, like McCain was in 2008.  But four years of Obama policies have made things far worse than they were then.  We are at a crisis moment and pretending that is not true will not make the crisis go away.

Which is why I hope it is Paul Ryan tomorrow.  Ryan is serious about spending and entitlement issues. He knows we have a spending problem.

And the Ryan budget is hardly radical, it is the minimum solution to the crisis we are facing.  A quick google of Ryan Budget will show several pages of Democrat attacks on it.  Those attacks are specious.

If I were to use a move analogy, we are just before midnight on the Poseidon and the tsunami is coming:

And while Mitt is rather Milquetoast, Ryan is more of a Gene Hackman.  He has a plausible plan and is trying to implement it.  And Barack Obama is like those idiots arguing to stay put or head to the bow.  

AUGUST 11, 2012

Twitchy notes the Wee Man is back (the comments and replies are comedy gold):

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