Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Separated at Birth: Harry Reid and...? Updated with rumors of Harry Reid's pederasty...

Dingy Harry Reid,
 spreading his lies and...
Grima Wormstongue

Unfortunately, there are plenty who can be put under a spell...
And as TOM points out, the Washington Post is happy to assist Dingy Harry's dirty work...

As RSM notes, Dingy Harry doubles down and says Mitt Romney has the burden of proving Harry Reid's lies to be false.
Dan Riehl asks why isn't Harry Reid answering sourced charges of Reid's racism and corruption?
Harry Reid is an alleged child molester?  Is it possible?  Reid should prove he is not.
Anonymous sources say Harry Reid is a pederast.
Harry Reid is into pederasty, alleged of course, but he has never disproved it! (Grima Wormstongue was creepy but at least the target of his attention was old enough).
Can Harry Reid explain what pederasty is and if he is into it?
Harry Reid is the Jerry Sandusky of Nevada?  It has been said, but never dis-proven!
Mitt Romney says Harry Reid is dishonest and what he is saying is absolutely wrong and that Harry Reid's "source" is likely the White House!
Jon Stewart unleashes on Harry Reid (of course he has to make it about the right and Fox News too, but in Dingy Harry's case it is justified).


  1. Barack and the Chicago Machine must have something juicy on Harry to make him stoop so low, but maybe Harry just likes being low....down.

  2. At least the RNC has finally decided they still have some 'nads. The very least they could do for their nominee was call Reid a liar, since Reid used MY/OUR Senate as an institution for his Dirty Harry Magnum Lie.

  3. thanks for sharing.


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