Monday, August 13, 2012

Republicans should tell the presidential debate organizers no on this...

PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver...
CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempstead NY...
CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton...
ABC Martha Raddatz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville KY...

Why do we have to have debates on PBS, CNN, CBS and ABC?  Why not throw MSNBC into the mix too?  Is the GOP leadership composed of fools (that is a rhetorical question)?  Lehrer, Crowley and Schieffer are downright hostile and completely compromised to be fair.  Martha Raddatz said troops in Iraq had a "crush" on Obama.  Candy Crowley just said Paul Ryan's pick was a GOP death wish!  Seriously?  There is no balance here.  

What the hell is wrong with the GOP?  How about one conservative moderator?  Better yet, why not a balance?  

Gateway Pundit is outraged too. 
Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is disgusted.    Candy Crowley likes bashing Republicans almost as much as she loves stuffing M&Ms in her mouth.  
Proving yet again that the best way to get a gig as a debate moderator is to make it known you’re hostile to conservatives and Republicans.
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  1. The only thing that I can think about this situation is that their hostile treatment may energize the base more, especially if Romney and Ryan can seize the moment and go all Newt on them, pointing out the MSM bias while making their case.

    1. They will be waiting for the Newt attack. Unfortunately that only works if you catch them by surprise. For the debates, I would prefer the Happy Warrior approach, ala Reagan, where you mock them but do it without appearing all pissed off and angry.

    2. Good point. As long as they push back, I'll be happy.

  2. How odd that Meadehouse are retracing your hoofsteps--heading to Montana.

  3. arriba mitt R andale


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