Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neo Nazis are neither right wing or left wing, they are a hate group with more similarities to radical Islam, Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, and any radical group that uses violence to advance their politics...

Pirate's Cove makes a good point:
Neo-Nazi’s use elements of both the extreme right and left. Neither side “owns” them. Neither side wants them. They can be described just as easily as leftwing extremists, since they are anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and believe in the power of a Big Government (run by themselves) which controls the means of production, the major component of the Democratic Socialism model.
No one on the right supports shooting up Sikh Temples or even discriminating against Sikhs.  This attack was not "right wing."  And person who does that is outside the realm of legitimate debate.  It remains to be seen whether Wade Page acted alone or as part of a wider conspiracy.  It sounds like Page was becoming more disturbed over time.  This has some similarities, in that mental health regard, as to James Holmes.

We all hate what Nazis stand for.  And trying to pin the actions of hateful monsters like Wade Page on Republicans and conservatives is disgusting, lies, and blood libel.  


  1. You are right in your analysis, but the question must be asked if this obfuscation is an honest mistake, or is it intentional?

    I contend it's the latter.

    1. The obfuscation of the left on this? It is absolutely intentional. That is obvious when Harry Reid can just make up lies about Mitt Romney and essentially get a pass from media about it. As for every mass shooting, the left and sadly the major media networks seem to wish they could tie a "Tea Party" label on these attacks. Even though they know the "Tea Party" is made up of people who want less government and less taxes, not "racial purity."


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