Sunday, August 26, 2012

I thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Nevertheless the real party is just ready to start in Tampa...

Party On--but be careful out there!  
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But Prince Harry is just a party piker compared to what is in store at Blog Bash Tampa!  Even with the threat of bb gun wielding anarchists, Robert Stacy McCain and Ali are getting ready to party.  Okay, maybe there will be a tad less drunken nekid behavior, but Blog Bash is tonight.   Here is the twitter feed.

The good news is most of Florida (with the exception of the Keys) is probably out of the storm's path.  The bad news is look where the storm is headed.  And you can anticipate Republicans being blamed for that.  Still, I hope people in the path of this storm are safe and that citizens, first responders, and government officials (of all political parties) are ready.   Unlike a drunken prince in Vegas or Robert Stacy McCain getting his Blog Bash grove on, this storm should not be taken lightly.

A message from God?  Really?
Did Ali and RSM have to dodge some of these to get to Blog Bash?  Do these protestors really believe this sort of thing helps their cause?
The decadence of it all (I am living vicariously through them):

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