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Sunday, July 22, 2012

While the President pops in Aurora, Colorado on the way to some West Coast fundraisers, Professor Jacobson remembers those slain in Chicago this month...

Murders in the Windy City this month are double the deaths in Aurora, Colorado.  Barack Obama does not care so much about that because Illinois votes are in the bag for him and it highlights the failed policies of the left.

Meanwhile Candy Crowley is educated by Colorado's governor that strict gun laws would not have stopped that shooting in Aurora.  And isn't that demonstrated by Chicago's murder statistics this month?

And Senator Feinstein (D) says concealed carry would not have worked in Aurora because then there would have been a fire fight.  Really?  Twelve died and scores were injured.  I would rather have a chance to fight back.

Via The Macho Response...
Update:  Behring Breivik lived in a country (Norway) with strict gun control.  That did not seem to stop him from pulling off his attack.  


  1. There is one technical argument to be made about a firefight in the theatre. A person carrying would have experienced target-ID trouble: teargas, lowlights, and lots of rapidly-moving and panicked bodies.

    Doesn't take away from your point, with which I agree. It does mean the shooter would be dead (no intel to be gained), and there is a high probability of 'friendly-fire' victims.

    Feinstein still hasn't explained what she and her husband did with all the money that he'd been given to renovate Walter Reed Medical Center in the years prior to 9/11. No work was done, an Army general (among others) fired for the lack of work, and Feinstein and her hubby are even more well off.

    Maybe she should stick to fleecing the Army.

    1. If the murderer is just picking targets and shooting them, there is a benefit of him at least looking for cover. I know he had body armor, but a body shot (even if not fatal) would have definitely showed him down. Obviously someone shooting wildly could have possibly hurt someone, but given the circumstances I doubt it could have been any worse than it was.


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