Friday, July 27, 2012

Mass murder without guns? Actually even now fire and explosives are the weapons of choice of most mass murderers.


  1. I remember reading about that murder. It was one reason he got a bad rep among the locals. The "sorts" he attracted. But it's not like he was Ed Gein or anything.

    1. He was not liked for cheating on his first wife. But there never seemed to be a reason for those murders:

      Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress, Mamah Borthwick, sat down to luncheon with her two children on a screened terrace just off the Taliesin dining room. A recently hired servant named Julian Carlton stood behind her. Decorously, Carlton served the family soup. As Borthwick bent her head over the bowl, Carlton raised a hatchet and...I'll spare you the gory details here (though Drennan, often gratuitously, does not). Suffice it to say, seven people, including two children, died that day at the hand of the mysterious servant, and Taliesin was reduced to 'ashes and burnt timbers.'


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