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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conflict of Interest: Attorney General Eric Holder and Jon Corzine!

Jon Corzine
Lost more than a billion dollars
and protected by fellow Democrats

Attorney General Eric Holder
Mexican gun runner, protects Black Panthers
from voter intimidation charges
, and partisan hack

What do these two kids have in common (other than being Democrats), well Eric Holder's law firm represented Jon Corzine's company  MF Global.

No wonder there has been no real investigation or action on Jon Corzine losing over a billion dollars of investors' money.  Despite the fact Jon Corzine was shown to have directed his employees to transfer money out of client accounts and Corzine lied about it to Congress.

These two are almost like a Separated at Birth.

Justice Department nepotism...
Eric Holder is Jon Corzine's Get Out of Jail Free Card


  1. hopefully after Romney gets in they'll be going after these mafia types

  2. It is shameful this is getting no coverage.


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