Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why is Mick Jagger in drag and promoting some elitist New York dinner with Barack Obama the day after the markets melt down?

Juan Williams notes this is like some parody ad that the Mitt Romney campaign thought up:
“That was hilarious. That looks like a parody. It looked like the Romney Campaign planted Dr. Evil in the House of Obama. And, he said, you know, on the day the grim job numbers come out, let’s have someone who reeks of ornamental excess announce that the peasants can have a place at the table. It’s just unbelievable.”
As Sister Toldjah's Phineas notes, not exactly the populist message here!  More at Weasel Zippers.
Fashionably Lame!

Smitty at TOM:  Let them eat cake with Anna Wintour!  
Now is the Wintour of our Discontent...

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