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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tomorrow is the Aaron Walker emergency appeal. This is going to be an important battle for free speech: The legal push back against the lies of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser

Democratic Consultant and reported sadistic wife abuser Neal Rauhauser
and Convicted Lying Felon Brett Kimberlin:
The only way to deal with vermin
is to fight back
Tomorrow is Aaron Walker's emergency appeal (via his attorney Reginald Bours with consulting assistance by Constitutional expert Eugene Volokh).  Hopefully the law is actually applied to this case and the insane "peace order" of Brett Kimberlin against Aaron Walker is vacated.  Patterico is also reporting on it.

Robert Stacy McCain notes the hearing and wonders why Mark Singer has not spoken out about Kimberlin over the last few years.  McCain has been tracking down and reporting on facts and connections pertaining to Kimberlin and Rauhauser and their supporters on the left and in the media.  RSM notes that Rauhauser's behavior seems bizarre and paranoid.

Patterico notes that Rauhauser is claiming Patterico set up Anthony Wiener (how in the hell did Patterico get Wiener to email underwear shots to women).  It if just further evidence of how delusional these two are.  Nevertheless, they are cunning and absolutely ruthless.  The sooner their abuse of the system ends the better.

Da Tech Guy
Walker Ungagged
Ace on Walker's victory...
Best quotes of Citizen K (the early but great Kimberline piece).
Victory for Aaron Walker (free speech is not dead!).  Good news!
Neal Rauhauser is also a dead beat dad.  Class act that Neal Rauhauser.
Patterico says that there is something very interesting in Brett Kimberlin's latest stuff...

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