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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank you John Roberts for moving my progressive legacy forward...

It is not like you haven't been warned...
Update: Friday Night Music Video!
Ironic that Obama's real spiritual daddy
was a member of the KKK
Jeff Goldstein takes apart the false notion that John Roberts did us a favor...
Message to GOP:  Time to put up or shut up.  
Progressivism is a disease in both parties...
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Can Congress Do It?
Byron York...
LI:  Dicta?

Update (guess who was right all along):
"The bottom line is this: I will be voting against John Roberts’ nomination. I do so with considerable reticence. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that this reticence on my part proves unjustified and that Judge Roberts will show himself to not only be an outstanding legal thinker but also someone who upholds the Court’s historic role as a check on the majoritarian impulses of the executive branch and the legislative branch."
Senator Barack Obama

These conservatives are like voices in the wilderness...
How appropriate:  The Feast of John The Baptist
was just last Sunday
h/t to Red commenting at Camp of the Saints for this


  1. No, what the Chief is telling people, and has been since he took over the job, is that:
    1. The responsibility for Constitutionality begins with the voters, then Congress, then the President; and only if necessary, the Supreme Court.
    2, It's time for Congress to stop passing legislation of uncertain legality under the presumption that "the Supreme Court will sort it out".
    3. Pay attention to A. Lincoln's story of the dog's tail.


    1. With all due respect: BS.

      I am all for judicial restraint. But if Congress passes a law that is fundamentally flawed (and the mandate was) you at a minimum declare that part unconstitutional. You do not rewrite the law to make it work.

    2. EBL has the right of it, here.

      Roberts' "It is not our job..." mea culpa is far, far too close to Herod's "I wash my hands of this matter..." (that one's for the Religionists); it smacks only of "We do what we do - make of it what you will", and is, in fact as well as in effect, an abdication of his sworn responsibilities.

      The Supreme Court in whole, and the Chief Justice most particularly, have the responsibility to act as a check to possible excesses - to unConstitutionalities - on the part of either Congress or the President - to decide, as necessary, when either the Legislative or the Executive have acted outside the bounds of the Constitution, the basic Law Of The Land, and thereby against to whole interests of us all.

      Regardless of any attempts - by him or by others - at jsutification, the plain truth is, Roberts failed in his sworn duty. He was supposed to help to halt the undue, unConstitutional arrogation of power by Congress and the President. Instead, he helped them to assume even more power - the (now) virtually-unlimited power to tax in order to drive any purpose they wish.

      Unless we defeat this somehow, we are all now made into slaves - bound servants - to the will of the politicians, the central government.

      It bears repeating: The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy Freedom - Absolute Power to Tax begets Absolute Destruction of Freedom.



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