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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet sweet schadenfreude...Charles Johnson on Scott Waker's re-election in Wisconsin!

Charles Johnson, political genius and middle aged lefty blogger with a pony tail 
"Voters are turning out in record numbers for Wisconsin’s recall election; polls close at 9 pm ET, and if the massive numbers work in Tom Barrett’s favor there could be a large upset in the works. Here’s another thread to keep up on the news as results begin to come in..."
Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs, Tue Jun 5, 2012 at 5:13 pm PDT

Unfortunately for Chuckles, this is how things turned out...  Diary of Daedalus has more delight!   Charles kept digging for a while.

Ed Schultz also broke down at MSNBC.  We should collect Ed Schultz' bitter tears since they are said to cure cancer...or at least to rid a house of bed bugs! 
Video Schadenfreude:  An enraged lefty slaps Barnett for conceding!
As Smitty at The Other McCain notes:  Rachel Maddow is even occasionally right...
“Makes me nostalgic for the good old days of 2008 when raising more money than you opponent proved how popular you were.”
Business Insider has more links on Dems going crazy...
Comedy Gold:  Lawrence O'Donnell declares Barack Obama big winner in Wisconsin last night...

Bruce at The Other McCain is correct to point this out...         

Update II:  Let's not forget to give thanks for this too...


  1. Another epic fail for the rotund one.

  2. Suck an egg you an aging creep and try to find a real job in this Obama economy.

  3. He looks a lot like a typical Democrat woman - and Michael Moore.

    1. He has sort of morphed into a confused transgender.

    2. Well, as Conan said..."To hear the lamentations of the women."

      Yes, that is best.

  4. Wow, Chuckle used to be a conservative. Guess he wants to be Ariana part deus seeing how much cash she raked in. Better get a decent plastic surgeon, Chuckles!


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