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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Separated at Birth: John Roberts and ...?

John Roberts
David Frum

Guaranteed to get invited to the best cocktail parties this summer!  It is not personal guys, it is just the law!

Update:  Per McGehee's suggestion (now that you mention it I do see the resemblance...):

John Roberts
Earl Warren

Update:  Instapundit is more sanguine about this ruling:

JUNE 28, 2012

FOLLOWING UP ON MY MARBURY OBSERVATION FROM THIS MORNING: Obama Wins the Battle, Roberts Wins the War: The chief justice’s canny move to uphold the Affordable Care Act while gutting the Commerce Clause. “By ruling that the individual mandate was permissible as a tax, he joined the Democratic appointees to uphold the law—while joining the Republican wing to gut the Commerce Clause (and push back against the necessary-and-proper clause as well). . . . Roberts’ genius was in pushing this health care decision through without attaching it to the coattails of an ugly, narrow partisan victory. Obama wins on policy, this time. And Roberts rewrites Congress’ power to regulate, opening the door for countless future challenges. In the long term, supporters of curtailing the federal government should be glad to have made that trade.” We’ll see.
More from the Anchoress.
But that still means to reverse we need to have 51 votes in the Senate and the White House to sign it (or 50 votes and Mitt Romeny's Veep gets to break the tie).  

The most arrogant man in the world, part II.
More hints John Roberts changed his vote...

“This could be a huge day in the evolution of Chief Justice Roberts as a great chief justice,” said Laurence H. Tribe, a liberal law professor from Harvard. Mr. Tribe, who taught Mr. Roberts, said he had not opposed his nomination because he believed Mr. Roberts was less of an ideologue than many had charged. “I have some sense of gratification,” he said.

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