Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday morning Supreme Court watch...

Come on Noonan, you can do it...

Life sentences for juveniles without possibility of parol are unconstitutional
Montana campaign finance case reversed (essentially affirming Citizen United)
Arizona v. U.S., parts preempted by federal law.  Checking on arrested persons status injunction reversed.  Parts to be remanded.  Much of the state law struck.
Volokh Conspiracy:  No health care today (but some interesting decisions).
Jonah Goldberg tweeted that he wanted Scalia to toss bread to the crowd. Personally I would have liked him to crack open a few cases of chianti and serve the crowds with little plastic cups (maybe he did, that might explain Alito reading that dissent, to give the wine a chance to breathe)
Althouse reports Scotus Blog thinks Roberts, with possible assistance of Kennedy, is writing the opinon...
Protein Wisdom, the glass is not only half empty, it is worse than that...
Legal Insurrection on Arizona
Blogmocracy on Arizona.
Riehl World View
Michelle Malkin
Gateway Pundit
Sister Toldjah

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