Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Green Lies: Little Green Footballs says conservative SWAT-ting may be made up...

Charles Johnson could not stay away from this story
so he is trying to be relevant via lackey Gus:

Update, good to know Charles is following @AaronWorthing:
LGF jumps in just as the Kimberlin/Rauhauser house is starting to come down.  Screen saved for your safety:


  1. Oh, dear. In Charles' shoes, the best thing to do is keep his head down. There is no up-side to this for him.

    Why doesn't he just keep quiet? Or condemn SWATting and leave it at that?

    Thrusting himself into this is pretty much guaranteed to lead to misery.

    1. I am pretty sure Charles Johnson is miserable already. He just could not resist getting into this. He can't help himself.

  2. Who is this "Charles Johnson" person and why is what he thinks or says important?


  3. By joining in the attacks on someone who has actually acted to stop terrorism, Charles has come out in favor of terrorism.

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  5. Aaron Worthing is a white supremacist, just an FYI.


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