Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Robert Stacy McCain! Why is Brett Kimberlin being allowed to terrorize his enemies.

R.S. McCain:  Still reporting from undisclosed locations...
Robert Stacy McCain has been a hero in taking this issue on.  McCain and his family had to flee their home due to threats by Brett Kimberlin and his associates.  And the threats are real.  Kimberlin and his associates are currently involved in a campaign of political terror.  And it is not just Patterico being targeted.
Who is Brett Kimberlin
And what is the future waiting for him?
Sunlight remains the best disinfectant for Brett Kimberlin and his allies.  Update:  Raw Story is disavowing any ties to Kimberlin.  Hmmm.  The more attention to this story the better.

Aaron Walker got railroaded.  And now your first amendment rights can be suspended?  We have to fight for our rights.
Professor Jacobson gives a shout out to Stacy
RSM update:  Inside Neal Rauhauser's Twisted Mind...

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