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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eric Holder gets President Obama to assert executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents...

Update:  House votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress

Update:  Drudge had this image...
Hot Air:  I am going to hide 
behind executive privilege
Now this is news that cannot be ignored.  Fast & Furious was a program to allow guns bought in the USA to be "walked" into Mexico (specifically to Mexican drug cartels).  This resulted in scores of Mexicans being killed and the death of one U.S. border agent.  It is suspected the motive for this by the Obama Administration was to build public support for gun control in the United States.   Eric Holder's unbelievable explanations will be looked at.

Rush is on fire over this today.  And I liked this opening line to his show today:  "You have to know when to fold them, know when to Holder them..."

Update:  Victor Davis Hanson nails the hypocrisy of this "executive privilege" assertion (beyond the hypocrisy of saying he would not invoke executive privilege when he was running for President):
Would that the Obama administration had cared as much about protecting the security secrets involving the Predator drone program, the bin Laden raid, the operations on the Afghan border and in Yemen, and the cyberwar against Iran as it is does about protecting the unknowns of Fast and Furious. A cynic might suggest the leaked release of national-security secrets were thought to have enhanced presidential stature, while those of gunrunning might diminish it; so we are left with vital national-security operations now known to all, and peripheral operations along the border known not even to Congress.
Update (the hypocrisy of Barack Obama):

Update:  Representative Trey Gowdy calls Barack Obama on it. 

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