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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elizabeth Warren: This Native American controversy and plagiarism are all her own making...but is Google coming to help Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren has about as much credibility as Ward Churchill
Even the left leaning Atlantic acknowledges there is no proof Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee.  Rather than just downplaying this story, Elizabeth Warren made it worse by ridiculous statements about her heritage.  And it turns out while she has a "Trail of Tears" connection, it is from a  relative who helped round up the Cherokee people in Tennessee to march them to Oklahoma.  And Elizabeth Warren did benefit at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania over being a "minority."  And Elizabeth Warren may be a plagiarist, which used to be a serious offense at higher education institutions.

Now this story dominates any internet search.  But I did a few Google searches this morning and it seems like Google may have tweaked it search results for Elizabeth Warren.  The Native American controversy is far down the list of issues when you google "Elizabeth Warren" falling even behind Daily Kos and Huffington Post articles.

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