Friday, June 22, 2012

Democratic Party activist and consultant Neal Rauhauser and his ongoing "war on women"

Who is Neal Rauhauser...
Democratic Party Consultant and Activist Neal Rauhauser has some serious issues with women.  These include bragging how he used martial arts on his ex wife (and mother of his children).
Neal also alleges that he defended himself by putting his ex-wife in a painful stress position utilizing the martial art Hap Ki Do, after she got angry with him and threw a punch when she became frustrated with her inability to hit him with thrown dishware. Such is the way of Neal, where his enemies, even the mother of his children, are subjected to one online disclosure and allegation after another of impropriety, all of which is traceable due to Neal's own failure to maintain discretion and his inability to keep his online personas straight.
Here is more on women associated with Neal Rauhauser.

Neal Rauhauser also teaches radicals how to mask their identities and threaten the NSA.  Update:  More from Bob Belvedere.  Rauhauser was hired by the Democratic Party as an e-Thug for the 2010 election.  

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs scrubbed communications he had to Neal Rauhauser and now denies any ties.
Communications between Kilgore Trout and Gus at LGF suggest Gus is nervous about Kimberlin and Rauhauser.
The Other McCain further reports:  Neal Rauhauser still consulting for left wing groups such as #StopRush/Shoq and is associated with MSNBC:
In attempting to discover the identity of “Randy Hahn,” the #StopRush boycott leader Shoq sought the services of Democrat consultant Neal Rauhauser, the e-mails obtained by The Trenches show. Rauhauser provided the group with extensive documentation about a Houston man named Jason, whose surname was redacted in the version posted by Bayne. Rauhauser then mused about exposing the man to harassment by sending his personal information to online groups.
“I have been sorely tempted to point him out to various actors — a guy like this, he could really produce some high quality entertainment for 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.,” Rauhauser wrote in his e-mail reply to Shoq.
Rauhauser, who was banned from the progressive blog Daily Kos last year, became notorious in 2010 when he was accused of organizing “a group of E-Thugs meant to harass, threaten, provoke, disparage, intimidate, verbally assault, berate & employ hate-speech against those not in agreement with his brand of politics,” as conservative blogger Patrick Read said at the time...
Instapundit links to TOM on the MSNBC connection

Breaking News:  Injunction filed on Aaron Walker's behalf (in push-back to legal attacks by Brett Kimberlin and possibly Neal Rauhauser).


  1. EBL,

    Here's what bothers me: these guys were known for years. And they have their own special kind of stalkers who're recording their presence on the net.

    But we're only taking action after these jerks (being polite), move to physical thuggery after so many years and incidents of e-thuggery.


    1. But look at history. Isn't that always the case? Granted these individuals are just evil pygmies (not that they cannot do a lot of harm to individuals), but it is the same principle.


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