Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Congratulations to Soopermexican for busting Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC on their lies...

Soopermexican shows how Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC manipulated and edited the tape, took a segment out of context, and then feined their reaction to it.  MSNBC is completely and utterly dishonest.  
It is not Romney's "supermarket scanner" moment, it is Andrea Mitchell's "Dan Rather forgery" moment.  
Hot Air:  Acknowledges soopermexican's breaking of this story and then notes how Andrea Mitchell refuses to apologize or explain what happened.  Andrea Mitchell is dishonest and a liar.
Twitchy:  Media Malpractice:  Andrea Mitchell is a liar and got caught.
Legal Insurrection:  Credit to Soopermexican!
All-American Blogger:  Rush is after Andrea and MSNBC:  They got caught and now they are trying to direct blame away from themselves...
Update and hat tip to Blogmocracy on the cartoon (and even the lamestream media can't ignore it anymore):

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