Monday, June 25, 2012

Aaron Walker SWAT-ted. Who did it?

Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin
That this would come on the same day that Aaron Walker prevailed in court over Brett Kimberlin is (at the least) very strange and certainly not a coincidence.  It was an important victory for Walker today in court.   The trial judge was essentially reversed on appeal (granted there is still a hearing on July 5).  Was it Kimberlin who called in this SWAT-ting?  Was it Rauhauser?  They certainly had motive, but we do not know.  It could be a copy cat sympathizer (either inspired directly or indirectly by these two).  We do know that Kimberlin has acted bizarrely over Aaron Walker's personal information.  Which of course strongly suggests, but does not confirm, Kimberlin being involved.

Interesting that Charles Johnson suggested just a few days ago that SWAT-ting may be a right wing false alarm.  Excellent timing Charles Johnson--which makes you wonder if one of his followers called this in.

We should be following the money (also know as their funding) which is coming from lefties such as Barbara Streisand and George Soros' Tides Foundation.

The best way you can help?  Let your elected officials know this nonsense has to stop (because Team Obama seems more intent in investigating his political opponents in Arizona than doing anything to stop actual terrorism at home.  Also, support bloggers fighting back like Robert Stacy McCain.

Aaron Walker (via Protein Wisdom):
I will say emphatically that I do not believe Brett Kimberlin made any of the prior SWATting calls himself and I would be very surprised if he made this one. 
But on the other hand, Occam’s razor tells us this was done in retaliation against me for having won today in court against Kimberlin. Which doesn’t mean Kimberlin has anything to do with it, but it suggests a motive for whoever did.
There is likely a connection.  But the question is was it a follower motivated on his own or something more conspiratorial?  We just do not know yet.
TOM on Neal Rauhauser Targets (what we know and what we do not know)
A lot of people are working behind the scenes to gather and sort through the evidence. There are ongoing private investigations and, I have been told by multiple sources, the FBI is carrying out its own investigation. Citizen-journalists trying to move the story forward must be careful to stick to the facts, and avoid making any false accusations or jumping to premature conclusions.
TOM on:  #TCOT #BrettKimberlin #SWATting event Freedom Works
Patterico on false comments (purporting to be Patterico) left on his blog...
Patterico has more on Kimberlin and Rauhauser supporters contacting him (with IP addresses).

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