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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wisconsin does not need your advice Mr. Cotto...

Joseph Cotto:  Trying to get a job with David Frum...
Or to paraphrase:  A conservative man
don't need you around anyhow...
This is one of the worse articles I have read in a long time...
If I knew Frum or Brooks wrote it, it would piss me off.  But from the Washington Times?  This is just pathetic.  Scott Walker is a hero.  He is the type of conservative leader we all should be supporting.  This is just profoundly wrong.

Update:  A comment from Jeff G:

This is one of the saddest columns I think I've ever read.  Worse still, does anyone really doubt this schmuck plans to feature it on his resume when he shops himself around to bigger outlets hoping to catch on as a "reasonable right-wing" columnist?  And how telling is it that most of his support here comes from those who, pressured a bit, would reveal themselves to be leftists.
*Of course* they cheer on such unabashed surrender masquerading as "moderation."  They rely on such an epistemic paradigm -- in which leftism is the center, and conservatism is fringe -- to keep the country moving ever leftward.
Make no mistake: Romney will soon be depicted as "hard right" -- just as Bush was.  And people like Cotto will move even more left to avoid getting the stink of hard-right Romneyism on them, just as he's now trying to distance himself from Walker.
The days of conservatives trying to win over people like this Cotto mushpile are over.  We have a constitutional republic to protect, and this guy wouldn't know one if it climbed  into his Campari and started whistling the Star Spangled Banner.  Cut the posers loose.  The GOP reforms around fiscal conservatism and classical liberalism, or it goes the way of the Whigs.  Either way, the times, they are-a-changin'...
Serr8d has more.
Faking fakers and the fakery they fake...
Okay, maybe I am being mean.  You have friends Mr. Cotto...

h/t:  Dale Price at Protein Wisdom


  1. Hey maybe this guy (Cotto) could get David Brooks' job when he retires from the NYT as the token "conservative".

    1. Even David Brooks is not calling for Scott Walker to lose. Cotto would be good at MSNBC. He could be Lawrence O'Donnell's boy friday.

  2. Unwelcome back, Cotto. I'm sorry now that I know you.

  3. Mkelley, Cotto can't be even a token 'man', much less a token Conservative!

    1. You got it right in the first part of your post ... Cotto is a Moby. Period.

      I'm from Michigan and until very recently our entire Republican party has been made up of Mobys. So I am very familiar with the type. They'll sell their own mothers at auction if it garners them fame, fortune and attention. The crave attention, witness this guy Cotto's easy links to "talk to him" or "contact him." If you do so, he'll whiz on your leg and tell you it's raining.

      Our most famous Moby was former Republican Governor Milliken, the fellow who gave us both an income tax, which he doubled, then added a closeted VAT so that the cost of labor wasn't deductible for business taxpayers...e.g., you owe the tax even in loss years, the perfect politicians' tax. Your "fair share" came from equity ... a redistribution of sorts, eh. Sounds familiar these days, right?

      Moby's are dangerous. Too bad it's illegal to just eliminate them.

  4. He'd fit right in with the "Young Guns"...

  5. He makes Ezra Pound look learned.

    1. Um, Klein. Or whatever his name is. The guy who thinks the Constitution is obsolete.

    2. I thought it was a parody at first.


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