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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Separated at Birth: Sacagawea and...?

Shoshone Indian Sacagawea who led
Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
to Oregon and the Pacific, and had a baby on the way...

Full-of-Baloney Indian Elizabeth Warren
who had high cheek bones, plagiarized recipes, and who
says she nursed her kid during her New Jersey bar exam...
Updated Separated at Birth!
Elizabeth Warren and...

                                                           The Truth 
                                                   (Liz has not found it).


And Elizabeth Warren has done some $#*%...

Not even 1/32nd breed!  Although Liz admits he told Harvard and University of Pennsylvania about it! (even though she also claims it had mouthing to do with them hiring her).  Elizabeth Warren leaves out she told Harvard about her Indian heritage before they hired her full time!  

As Legal Insurrection notes, Elizabeth Warren can't help herself!
Update:  DaTechGuy notes the Indian Wars have returned to Massachusetts...not quite sure this rises to a Deerfield Massacre!   I think a better analogy for this mess might be this...

Liz loves to rail about predatory lenders, but enjoys to flip homes and engage in her own private equity!  
Liz now claiming she will be the first Native American senator in Massachusetts.  Mass has already previously elected a pathological liar and sociopath!  Do they really want to go back to that?  

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