Friday, May 4, 2012

Oops! DEA puts UCSD student busted for possession of marijuana in a holding cell, forgets he is there, and leaves for days, no food or water...

He probably had the munchies too...  
All he wanted to do is get high with his friends...
Okay, I probably should not joke, this is pretty horrendous.  But it is on Obama's watch so the Administration will likely get a pass.  The Agitator:  Heck of a job DEA...


  1. i hate asians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why? Do Asians make you feel stupid in comparison to you?

    2. Oh wait, you must be one of the DEA guards who left him in that cell.

    3. Asians are 1 of the most intelligent and kind people I have meant, for you to say that I can't believe that you think that low of yourself you must have a bad feeling inside. your own mind must not have that much intelligence oh wait maybe not I apologize myself I will pray for you and you need to apologize for who are we to judg? I once met someone long ago that told me that judging is not my job he was right I also know that he had mentioned of something important that I know to be true wisdom is something everyone should have important forgive yourself and you will be forgiven


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