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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Okay since we are talking about Mitt Romney's high school days, let's talk about Barack Obama's too...

Almost like a Separated at Birth...
So why exactly did a teenage boy high school kid hang out with an adult Communist guy like Frank Marshall Davis?   Who set up this Big Comrades program for young Barack Obama?  
During his high school years, Obama hung out with communist radical Frank Marshall Davis; in 2007, the Los Angeles Times reported that during his high school days, “he felt the first stirrings of anger toward whites. He says he also delved into black nationalism.” He was “offended or even enraged when white classmates adopted black street slang or revealed their underlying consciousness of his race by going out of their way to tell him how much they admired a black musician or athlete.”

So this is the guy that acted as a "father" for young Barack Obama?  Are all the Communist ties between Barack Obama, David Axelrod, and Valarie Jarrett just a coincidence?  Turns out Frank Marshall Davis was friends with Barack Obama's mom and grandfather.

Sister of alleged Romney bullying victim calling into doubt the WaPo story (and Romney said he did not recall such an incident...).  
The WaPo story on Romney is unraveling and looks like a blatant political hit piece...
Gateway Pundit notes that liberal media still running with a story that is falling apart (bias anyone?)
The lies of Barack Obama...
American Thinker has more on this... (a lot more)
Gateway Pundit on Dreams From My Real Father...
Barack Obama honors his heroes...
Wild Times and Punahou High...


  1. Replies
    1. Yep. That's right. Sleep through it. But you'll be wide awake when Mitt Romney burps, won't you, you ignoramus.

  2. Are there any pictures of the President's mother floating around?

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Barack Obama Jr and Marshal-Davis share the same anomaly in the center of the upper lip? They also share other similar features that I can't see anywhere on Barack Obama Sr. But George Obama does look similar to Barack Obama Sr and looks nothing like Barack Obama Jr.

  4. WOW.... true dat photo...!
    theys an old sayin in de souf...
    "mamas baby... is daddys maybe"
    no one rich or poor.. black, white or red or yellow..
    no one .. ever.. knows who the father is
    except the mother ... and sometimes
    that sleazey slut type dont know either..
    except that now we have dna.. hmmmm..
    how to do this.... some how get obamas dna
    and ...but the two daddys are dead...
    could be tough... any ideas...?

    1. Do you write like that all the time or are you making a joke?

      The photographs speak for themselves. As for DNA testing, I am not an expert but I suspect you could easily determine whether Barack is really part of the Obama clan or not. There are other living relatives to compare to. He does not seem close to any of them.

      I am not sure if Frank Marshall Davis has any living relatives/decendants, but he may.

  5. Davis has four children.


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