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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg: People who don't tip well suck..and other people remember it.

Mark, take my advice:  Tip.  Tip 20% if the service is good.  I know, it is Italy and you do not have to tip because the 10% service charge is built into the bill (typically).  But that is more Northern Europe and regardless you should tip anyway.

I get you are frugal.  That is commendable and totally fine.  Your bill was 32 euros.  So a generous tip would have been 7 euros?  Best PR you can buy is just being moderately nice.  There is a difference between frugality (which is a virtue) and being cheap (which is a character flaw).  Unless you want to confirm for the world you really are the asshole from the movie.  And from the IPO.

You are no Steve Buscemi either Mark...

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